Wolks and Trekking



Trekking among the paths of Bay Saint Margherita - Reserve Mountain Cofano – San Vito Lo Capo



For the one who loves to take long walks in the middle of the nature and to enjoy at the same time of the beauty of the sea, Bay Sainta Margherita offers so many itineraries to cross, an unique experience between the perfumes and the colors of the Mediterranean stain. The lovers of the trekking can reach the peaks and to admire the splendid panorama.

Reserve Monte Cofano

The Mountain Cofano is a calcareous promontory that is risen stately on the sea. Also here the possibility to cross paths in the lowland crossing the periplo of the mountain, or in alternative a path more binding than it will allow you to reach the top and to enjoy of a panorama to 360°, a sight mozzafiato not to be lost.

Mountain Monaco

Promontory that dominates here the Beach of San Vito Lo Capo the head we find a binding itinerary to reach its top. An ancient path, clean and rearranged. In a hour and a half of walk the peak is reached, where a great wood Cross is found. In top an unforgettable panorama. The run departs from the bypass of the country and it is signalled by a great poster.

Cala Mancina –Isulidda

Way, simple but very suggestive part from CalaMancina and it reaches the Isulidda (Gulf of Macari) a dwarfish situated island before to a small cove the. A road excavated by the Lighthouse, becomes a path, on one side you will always have the sea and the rocky coast from the other side you will see the famous Falesie, tall walls up to 40 meters, where you will surely meet impassioned of climb. Here we find the caves among which the Cave of the Horses with rocky paintings, and more before the complex of the Caves of the Isulidda.

Cove of Bue Marino 

The beach of the Bue Marino is found on the western coast of Sicily, to 4Km from San Vito Lo Capo and to alone 5Km from the Secrets of Antonina. It owes his great naturalistic charm to a winning match of rocky landscape and crystalline sea. Introduces numerous inlets and coves a lot of sugestive and in the late afternoon you can be admired one of the most beautiful tamotis in Italy. This year Cove some Bue Marino the queen of the Italian spiaggies she has been proclaimed 2015 and the more one loved by the Italian by the contest: "The most beautiful six you" of Legambiente.


The Calazza is one of the more inlets notes of the coast of Castelluzzo. Easy to reach through the road asphalted that part really from Castelluzzo he comes in a parking where every 10 minutes it transits a miniature train that brings the people in the various spiaggiettes. Is a very ample cove is partly sandy also introduces a small cove, the backdrop is rich of nuomerose cried harbors. There is nearby a bunker that very probably goes up again to the last war the zone she was garrisoned from military because from there the whole gulf you can be admired.

Tonnara del Secco 

The Tuna-fishing nets of the Secco, covers obligatory for the one who wants to know the history of these places. From the aristocrats buildings that served as contour to the ancient Tuna-fishing, whose nets were lowered to few meters by the shore to capture the great tunas that in spring they crossed numerous the coasts of Castellamare of the Gulf in their run for the reproduction. The nets have not come clate anymore since 1969, but the place is still full of charm.